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If you’re considering hiring a special event security team to act as your chief-guests’ personal bodyguards, there is not better option than an ex-policeman. These people are highly trained individuals with years of experience dealing with criminals—making them best suited to manage threats to high-profile personalities.

ISSM, as one of the best armed security companies in NYC, works with many ex-policemen to provide special personal bodyguard services to clients. This makes us the best people to tell you exactly what the advantages of this decision can be:

Deeper Sense Of Security

It’s unlikely that you would question the skill and expertise of your ex-policeman bodyguards. Right off the bat, you’ll realize how they can put you at ease and cater to your personal safety.

Special Event Crowd Control Is Incredibly Easy

Celebrities are subjected to all kinds of security and it’s important that you hire a personal bodyguard as part of your event security team. They’re incredibly skilled at keeping all kinds of untoward people away from their wards.

They Are Licensed And Trained To Use Firearms

It doesn’t hurt to have a trained gunman to help manage security and scare off any possible malicious individuals. Policemen with years of experience are more than up to the job.

If you’re looking for some of the best personal bodyguard services in NYC, get in touch with us today.

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