Positions Available with ISSM:

Do you have a military or private security background, or both? ISSM is expanding, and we are hiring experienced security personnel for a variety of positions at ISSM.

Here is a list of potential openings with ISSM. Positions might be on-call, temporary, part-time, long-term, or full-time, and may or may not require armed protection.

  • Private Security Guard
  • Patrol Service Personnel
  • Bodyguards
  • Concierge Security Personnel
  • Traffic Directors
  • CPR/AD On-site Medical Personnel
  • Temporary Security Threat/Risk/Security Assessment
  • Travel Security
  • Transportation Security
  • Canine Contraband Inspector
  • Disaster/Emergency Response Personnel
  • Retail Security
  • Vehicle Drivers for Undercover and/or Motorcades
  • Strike/Labor Unrest Security
  • Background Screening: Individuals, Vendors
  • Event Security
  • Guest Screening

If you are qualified for, and interested in any of the above positions please complete an  application for employment.

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