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When planning a special event for guests, exclusivity and privacy are of the utmost importance to make the most of the occasion. These closed events come with a prestige that enhances the experiences of the attendees—requiring a unique security force that not only keeps the guests safe but is also cognizant of the need for discretion.

What To Look for In your event security guards

If you’re thinking of hiring special event security in New York city, you would do well to think very carefully about who you work with. Choosing the wrong kind of security teams can be catastrophic.

Therefore, before finalizing your security guard team, you should make sure they possess the following qualities:

  • The Guards Have Worked in Armed Forces— Security personnel with experience in military and law enforcement typically make for better guards. Their crisis management, disaster containment, and arms training make them perfect for security gigs.


  • The Company Must Possess a Sufficiently Large Team— Large public events requires a significantly large security team to clamp down on possible threats. You absolutely cannot afford to be undermanned in these situations.


  • They Use The Latest Technology— There is no security team that is complete without proper communication and surveillance tools. Your team must be trained and equipped with the appropriate tools to complete a satisfactory job.


If you’re interested in hiring security guards in New York, get in touch with ISSM today.

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