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As summer is finally arriving, many businesses will use a lighter schedule. Employees are given some much needed vacation time and often working hours are shortened. ISSM is available to provide top notch security at all times – including your business’s downtime. There are however, some things that you can do to ensure safety when there are less staff and shorter working hours.

  1. Know your own space

    Evaluate your premises for faults and areas that need fixing. It is a good idea to schedule a monthly or yearly evaluation – depending on the size and dynamics of your business site.Criminals may have identified flaws and could be waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, such as during a holiday or weekend. So, be thorough in your checks and look at every possibility.
  2. Ensure Security Systems are operational

    If your surveillance system is monitored remote, ensure that all technical connections, including wifi or CCTV are fully operational. Maintain good visibility, make sure there are no objects or shadows obstructing the cameras.Before any significant leave, test all alarm systems and always make sure that windows and doors are locked.
  3. Keep security staff informedThose monitoring remote, should always know when the site will be vacant. Key holders must communicate with site monitors before accessing the site at unusual times.Make sure contact information for senior employees and key holders is accurate. Delayed, or lacks communication could be very dangerous in the event of an incident.
  4. Bring in additional securityIf your regular system is not secure enough to cover periods of extended leave, you can always supplement with the many services that we offer at ISSMWith these measures in place, you can rest assured that the risks of security breaches will be minimized. If an incident occurs, our qualified professionals will be equipped and ready to respond.

ISSM is on duty, so that you can take off. Employ our services to protect your business so that your vacation can be a true vacation.

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