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In recent years, the number of sexual harassment reports have increased significantly. While these developments are promising, experts are still of the opinion that many of these unfortunate instances go unreported.

These considerations emphasize the need for greater vigilance on the part of the hired security guard companies to clamp down on possible instances of harassment. ISSM as one of the best security companies in NYC, asked our female security officers how they feel sexual harassment can be brought under control in workplaces.

1.      Always Maintain A Physical Presence

Instance of harassment typically occur in surveillance blind spots. It’s important for security teams to maintain a notable presence to prevent all kinds of criminal activity exemplified by sexual harassment.

2.      Take Preventive Measures

While security teams can actively intervene in unsafe situations, it’s equally as important that employees be made aware of types of inappropriate behavior. Providing information is always the best way to eliminate deviant behaviors in workplaces.

3.      Create Security Protocols Catering To Sexual Harassment

Owing to the taboo surrounding sexual harassment, security teams require focused plans to prevent harassment in the workplace. A pre-planned strategy makes it much easier to deal with awkward circumstances that arise during these situations.

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