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The dispute of whether businessowners should hire armed with unarmed security is a heated one among security agencies and prospective clients as well. It doesn’t help that people across the internet offer incredibly unhelpful advice when it comes to these questions.

As the leading security guard company in NYC, we offer our take on the matter—with the hope that it will help you decide whether to go for armed or unarmed security guards.

Reasons To Work With Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are highly skilled in maintaining property security without using any weapons at all. While one would imagine that this alone makes them better than armed security personnel—however it bears the risk of the guard succumbing to armed perpetrators.

If you’re dealing with vandalism, graffiti, or similar low-threat security lapses; unarmed security guards are your best bet at putting a stop to them.

Why Hire Armed Security Personnel?

Armed security personnel have the advantage of enhancing the overall feeling of safety in your premises. These guards are often licensed and trained in the use of firearms for defensive purposes and are obviously more effective at containing threats.

If you need advice on whether you should hire armed guards, get in touch with ISSM today. We are known across NYC as one of the best security guard companies around.

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