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A stretch of the road is sectioned off, peppered by the warning marks of orange cones by day, and orange flares by night. Be it car accident, roadway construction, mass demonstration, fire, or other possible dangers, the area’s road management arranges for traffic directors in order to maintain  safe traffic flow.

Interestingly, the language of traffic directors is one of signs and colors, and is understood across most countries.  You’ll be surprised how well you know this language subconsciously.  For fun, here’s a little quiz for you to assess how well you know the language of traffic directing.

What is the main color associated with vehicle traffic directing?

a)     Yellow

b)     Orange

c)      Lime Green

d)     Red

2.     What is the hand signal used by vehicle traffic directors to indicate “stop”?

a)     Palm facing driver, moving in clockwise motion.

b)     One arm straightened parallel to the ground, with palm to driver, fingers straight up, touched together.

c)      One arm straightened parallel to the ground, with palm to driver, index finger pointed straight up, other fingers folded into the palm.

d)     Fisted hand, with index finger moving side to side, as if to say “No”.

What color glove is used for the nighttime “stop” hand signal?

a)     Orange

b)     Yellow

c)      White

d)     Pink

What hand-held object is used to guide traffic during darkness?

a)     A flashlight baton with a red or orange cover

b)     Flares with special fire safety handles.

c)      An illuminated octagonal stop sign.

d)     a) & c)

5.     What whistle rhythm signifies “Go”?

a)     Two short whistles

b)     One long whistle

c)      Several short whistles, staccato style

d)     Two long whistles

6.     Which whistle rhythm is used to get attention?

a)     Several short whistles, staccato style

b)     Three long whistles

c)      Continual short whistles, until attention is received

d)     Any of the above

Answers are below.

ISSM provides traffic directing services to any public or private agency, group or individual. All are trained in the above “language”, making for easy communication and efficient, guided traffic control from a reliable company.


  1. b
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d
  5. a
  6. a

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