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Every school, company, or organizations ought to engage employees regularly in discussions about security.   Many companies function as a composite of individual working in tandem, with each worker focused on their particular task.   The global perspective might be reserved for higher level executes who look for things like profit and loss.   Security, however, is most effective when the entire workplace understands the needs and integrates those issues into everyday thinking and decision making.

The best way to maintain security awareness in an office or worksite is through ongoing conversation, and regular seminars.  When people function independently – focusing on only their own professional goals – they may inadvertently (and sometimes indirectly) compromise the security of a colleague.

It is crucial that all employees appreciate the need for security.   The entire staff is affected when resources are allocated, or certain procedures are put in place and a unified group will be much more cooperative and complaint.  The strength of an organized group cannot be underestimated

Semi-annual security briefings can be a major benefit.  Such meetings create a culture of security within the office which unifies employees’ perspectives and modes of operation.  Additionally, workers will come to the office with the confidence that their employers care for them and are looking out for their best interests.  It goes without saying that such attitudes will have a crossover effect in all other areas of their work.

ISSM Protective Services provides the highest level of security guards and vast selection of additional resources.   We are fully committed to providing your school, office or worksite with the ultimate protection from the dangerous and unexpected.  Please be in touch with our office to discuss your particular security needs.

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