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When beginning a new construction project, there are many factors to consider.  You need a good staff, a team of professionals and of course only the best tools and supplies.  Don’t let the most valuable tool, a fire security guard, get overlooked.  Fire security guards cannot be underestimated.

Despite the most detailed blueprints and dedicated contractors, a fire could literally ravage and entire construction site resulting in the loss of life and loss of property.  In less severe circumstance, a fire on site might incur fines, law suits and other liabilities. The risks of fire are not to be taken lightly.

Unfortunately there are so many ways that a fire could accidentally start when working with high powered machines.  In fact, under certain circumstance NYC regulations stipulate that owners are obligated to place a fire guard at their site.  In all cases, a guard could literally save the entire project.

Fire guards are trusted with a large responsibility and that is why they are generally trained by local fire departments.  They must make sure that all safety procedures are followed and evacuate all personnel in case of an emergency.  It is the fire guard’s responsibility to contact the fire departments as well.  Studies have shown that prompt contact with the fire department can avoid long term damage at construction sites.

At ISSM protective services, we employ the most capable guards.  Our guards will make sure that your construction site is safe and your investment is profitable.

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