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In a time when personal rights and agency have become major concerns across the United States, it’s essential for security guard companies to recognize the importance of these developments. The time has come that all guard services establish hiring and operational protocols that balance out the sanctity of the individual with their responsibilities as guardians.

What Does This Mean For You?

Given the sensitivity of the issue at hand, all organizations looking to hire professional security teams must find service providers with a gender-inclusive security force. Making these changes will show the occupants of your spaces that you’re cognizant of the need of the hour and ensure security protocol compliance.

Some ways to make your security teams much safer for building occupants include:

Hire Female Security Guards

Given the physicality of security checks and assessments, hiring female security guards to oversee female occupants might help ease the tension in the location.

Establish Safe Security Check Procedures

Recent reports of the TSA’s new pat down procedures have raised a few eyebrows in the past for the discomfort expressed by travelers. As a result, same-gender pat downs were introduced to minimize the threatening element in these situations. Similar procedures must be established across the board.

These steps will ensure that your location and property remain safe without compromising on the privacy of the occupants subjected to security protocols. If you’re looking for a security company in NYC who can offer female security officers to create a safer workspace, get in touch with ISSM today.

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