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For facility managers, building contractors, security operatives and even homeowners, the safety of the building, its perimeter and the people inside it – residents or office workers – is fast becoming a top concern in New York. The recent security threats and unpleasant happenings that have taken place in both private and public facilities, in recent times, all point to the fact that the security alertness, expertise, and solutions that are required to keep our buildings safe isn’t what we once knew.

Security, today, is a lot more encompassing than many assume it to be. It includes being prepared for dangerous, and even unlikely situations like shootings. Other as working with local law enforcement and security operatives to develop an executable and effective plan in the event that the unthinkable happens at your facility. Including being prepared for emergency situations like fires.

It is no longer news that security is everyone’s business. Which is why there is an increasing need for occupants – office workers or residents, to be well-acquainted with the regular, everyday activity of their surroundings, so they can easily tell when there is an anomaly.

Businesses and residents in New York, today, must more than ever before be alert and prepared for security threats which seem to be larger and more varied, now, than ever before.

Yes, there are more innovative technological solutions and advancements to help secure our buildings. But with each of these innovative advancements, comes varied security threats that are equally innovative and effective. Hence the need for skilled and highly trained security operatives.

It is important to note that the assessment of an office or home security system must begin with the specific security needs, and the overall impact they will have on your business or home. And that includes hiring well-trained security guards NYC.

Here are a few other important ways to improve your home or office security system. We will use the business environment as a case study:

  1. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Great information flow between employees, the management, and the security operatives is pivotal in ensuring the security of any environment. This helps to eliminate assumptions which are a prime security bridge that smart criminals are often quick to take advantage of. It is important to always ensure that employees and all stakeholders within the building remain updated on standard procedures and potential visitors.Letting the employees know what and who to expect, better equips them to easily recognize suspicious activities or persons. Using a single source of information that forms an integrated part of the employees’ routine is a great way to avoid complacency. This could be in the form of a daily informational email or some server broadcast. It should contain a brief, practical, and positive news, and precautionary information.
  2. ACCESS CONTROL: Even with the best team of security guards NYC, the responsibility of locking or unlocking the office should be assigned to as few individuals as possible. Hard keys must be code-numbered and assigned to specific individuals. And they should be asked to produce their keys, periodically, to verify a master registry. One of the often encountered difficulties with hard keys is being able to react appropriately when one is lost or stolen.With an effective access control system, however, businesses are able to issue access cards to employees or security staff while maintaining complete control over what each card can open. It also helps to minimize the risk of unsolicited access by allowing only enough access to a facility or a restricted area. This way, employees, contractors, or visitors can be easily restricted by area or time of day. The system, therefore, offers a transparent method for reviewing card activities; a great way to determine who attempted access to where, and at which times. Thus, streamlining routines and defining access of all employees, while enhancing the efficiency of your security guards.
  3. SECURITY LOCKS: Most businesses have routine ‘stop and search’ security facilities that are usually manned by security guards NYC at the building’s main entry and exit points. It is, however, even better to secure all computers, and laptops especially, with plate locks or cables to avoid any possible “walk-off.” Docking stations, in particular, offer relatively inexpensive solutions that help protect electronic devices when they are not in use.Close attention should be paid to high-risk targets such as postage meters, check writers, company checkbooks and any other ultramodern equipment within the building. Installing peepholes and keypads will improve your door security. You may also want to consider securing any lobby or foyer with two locked doors. An “airlock” system that helps to eliminate piggybacking – a method some criminals use to gain entry in an office, or building, by catching a locked door as an employee exits.
  4. CYBERSECURITY: While the installation of anti-virus software and other security hardware that help secure important data and other digital resources from cyber attack is common practice in this day and age, one can never overstate its importance. This includes a proactive firewall protection for all main systems, updated security checks for the wireless Internet routers, as well as secure backups of all data, preferably off-site for guaranteed recovery in the event of a cyber-attack

Others include a proper and efficient layout of all lights and cameras to cover all angles and minimize or eliminate possible “dark spots” both inside and outside your office. For CCTV, you may want to consider the installation of recording security cameras in key areas such as main entry and exit points, loading bays and other sensitive points. In addition, giving adequate security training to all employees, as well as the dissemination of unified security protocols and drills (in emergency situations) cannot be overemphasized.

Finally, and most importantly, is ensuring that your business has a private security guard NYC or team to help establish an ‘airtight’ level of protection against burglary, fires, and vandalism.  A worthy investment that secures your business reputation; providing peace of mind to you, your clients, and your employees.

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