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Think that you’re safe just because you don’t have valuable inventory, or aren’t in an area with a high crime rate? Location might be relevant for certain types of security, but all commercial buildings and personal residences are vulnerable. What setup is the best filter for building security? A security concierge.
Specially-trained to assist with customer and social interactions as well as security and safety issues, a security concierge serves to kill two birds with one stone: 1) Customer service and 2) protection of all persons and high-end property in the building.

The ISSM Security Concierge Program is highly customized to address each location’s precise requirements and has the flexibility to adjust in response to legal, social and environmental scenarios.
When you partner with ISSM, an experienced specialist who understands the nuances of your environment will assist you with customizing a program to meet your needs for people, property and reputation. ISSM’s security guards double as reception personnel, providing both services at once.

This doubling-up saves on salaries, and provides a sense of security to everyone working, living, or visiting in the building.
ISSM guards can be in uniform or undercover, depending on your needs. As such, our guards are trained in acting the part, whether their role is known or secret. Concierge security officers provide the gamut of security services, including:

• Security Gatekeeper

• Reception Support for Staff, Residents, Clients and Visitors

• Temporary Security Threat/Risk/Security Assessment

• Travel Security

• Emergency Tracking

• Executive Protection

• Property Protection

• Guest Screening

• Fire Safety Inspections Preparedness

• Rules Enforcement Inspections

• CPR/AD On-site Medical Attention

• Activity Reports

Consider having all who enter your building greeted not only by a friendly, informative, and helpful doorman or concierge representative, but rather one also trained to handle security issues. The all-in-one solution will benefit your building’s reputation as well as provide peace of mind to everyone entering.

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