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The recent crime reports coming out of New York city have pointed to an unfortunate raise in crime and shootings across region. The increasing violence and growing security threats in NYC require that property owners and administrators take proactive measures to avoid future security lapses.

One of the most important steps in developing airtight security plans is to conduct regular security assessments through professional private security guard services. Here are some reasons why you should look to only the experts for help:

1)     Trained Professionals Have An Eye For Identifying Possible Risks

Experienced personal security guards, such as those from ISSM, have spent years safeguarding clients and their assets. Their training and exposure allows them to identify threats or risks that might otherwise be looked over by a novice security guard.

2)      They Are Capable Of Catering To A Variety of Situations

A professional security guard agency will likely offer multiple services, since they have experts capable of catering to multiple types of security risks. For example, if you need a security risk assessment for a celebrity; security services worth their salt will have personal security guards capable of advising on the situation.

3)     They Can Think Like A Perpetrator

Ever since the recent rise in school shootings across the US, many security companies (including ISSM) have begun offering security services catering to schools. A large part of this job includes devising plans in case of possible firearm related events within school premises. They take a step into the perpetrator’s shoes and advise on how to avoid possible injury should such an even occur.

If you’re looking for experts to provide routine security assessment services, get in touch with ISSM today. We are a leading private security agency offering a wide range of services including armed security guard services, celebrity security and more.

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