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Typically, an unarmed security team is all you need to clamp down on possible security lapses at your property. However, there are moments when you absolutely have to consider working with an armed security company to ensure sufficient protection for your assets and valuable.

But how do you assess the need for armed security? The security experts at International Safety Security Management pitch their thoughts on when they would consider bringing in private armed security.

  1. The Perpetrators Are Also Armed
    New York saw some of the highest rates of armed violence in crime in 2020. Whatever reasons for this hike, there is a growing need for equally as strong security responses for property owners. If there’s even the slightest chance that you will face armed perpetrators at some point—you’d do well to stay prepared.
  2. You’re Looking For Effective Deterrence
    After working for more clients than we can count, the ISSM security team can vouch for the fact that an armed security guard makes you feel safer. Statistically speaking, armed security guards are significantly much better at acting as deterrents of future violence in any location.
  3. You Handle Valuables At Your Location
    It goes without saying that if you hold valuables at your location, it’s extremely important to have trained professionals managing security. Trained and armed guards are fully capable of assessing threats and containing security lapses given their vast training in maintaining security protocols.

If you’re interested in hiring professional armed security officers for your property in New York, get in touch with ISSM today.

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