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Celebrities and high-profile personalities are exposed to countless security risks from all types of sources. Their renown and recognition attract all kinds of perpetrators with all sort of intentions; from “over-enthusiastic” fans to criminals looking to harm them. Given their interactions with massive crowds and obligations as performers, making security arrangements for these individuals is a highly complicated matter.

Your best chance at ensuring the safety of celebrities is through a specialist celebrity security guards service.

How To Decide On Your Celebrity’s Security

If you are shortlisting celebrity security guard services, you cannot afford to make any mistakes whatsoever. Thus, we suggest asking the following questions before finalizing your choice:

Do They Work With Armed Security Officers?

You must absolutely look for licensed private armed security officers who are authorized to use firearms. With years of training and routine follow-ups make them the perfect deterrent for any unwanted encounters.

What Are Their References?

The company you choose must have prior experience with crowd control, managing large-scale locations, and they must have worked with similar high-profile personalities. When it comes to security, experience counts for a lot.

Do They Have Any Armed Forces Veterans Working With Them?

The best private armed security services always work with ex-military and police personnel that bring immense crisis management abilities with it. If your security teams have ex-LEA officers working with you, you can significantly minimize security risks to your ward.

Get in touch with ISSM today to hire some of the best private armed security in NYC for celebrities. We work with some of the best security personnel in the industry.

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