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When hiring a private security guard, you are not only protecting people physically, you are also protecting your image.  No one wants to be considered negligent on security. Feeling secure from a PR standpoint is just one more reason to be certain to hire vetted and professionally-trained private security personnel.

Take the case involving a security guard in Sacramento that happened just recently, in late September, 2014. Firstly, the security guard had a record of home invasion robbery himself. Even though his robbery was over decade ago, it should have raised a red flag for hiring him for security.  The incident itself was an issue of the security guard not acting professionally.  

The story was reported as follows: The security guard was called upon to guard an SD Mart, a large discount clothing and accessories store.  At one point, a man stole a watch worth $500 and then ran out the front door and got into his car. The security guard should have called 911, but instead, chose to chase the thief in his own car. Even so, a call still needed to have been made to 911, but no call was placed. The security guard kept chasing the thief “in order to get his license number,” but the car chase turned wild, resulting in the alleged thief running into private property, causing damage and narrowly missing a resident inside.

The security guard was charged with using his car as a deadly weapon, while the watch thief was released with only misdemeanor robbery.  One wonders why a security guard would put so much effort into catching a robber on his own. This security guard did not know his role – trying to prevent the robbery in the first place. Once the robbery occurred, it became a police matter.

Where was the training? Where was the testing? Where were the role-play scenarios that private security guards must go through in order to make sure they’ll perform correctly at the moment of need? And who gave this security guard the right to chase a criminal with his own car? It seems this security guard was trying to be a hero in his own right. But in doing so, his goal of heroism backfired, and now he’s in jail himself. And SD Mart doesn’t look like so great to the public, now, does it?

This scenario could have been prevented with the right hiring and training process. ISSM screens and tests hires in order to employ only those with impeccable professionalism and quality experience. In addition, ISSM provides specific additional training before placing private security personnel on duty. Having the professionalism you need from private security guards will provide you peace of mind on protecting not only your people and your property, but your reputation as well.


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