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When you think about emergency medical services, inevitably you likely conjure up an image of an ambulance, with men and women in burly nylon coats, each with a red emblem brand patch. No matter the name of the emergency medical organization, this emblem is always red. Red meaning blood, red meaning urgency, red meaning, “Pay attention – I’m here to help you medically if you need.” This red is as daunting as it is reassuring.  Whether Red Cross or the local 911 ambulance, the red-emblem donned personnel make you feel secure that someone responsible is taking care of the medical emergency immediately.

But are local, state, national, or internationally-supplied ambulance services always available within, for example, the four minute window a person can survive with severely compromised oxygen?

The answer is no.

How many times have you heard stories about an ambulance’s deathly tardiness? It just couldn’t get there in time? Why? It’s not that they didn’t try – it’s just that there is a myriad of obstacles in their way: Traffic, other emergency calls, or the nearest dispatch station is simply too far away.  Public coffers simply cannot afford an ambulance on every street corner. So what now? Thankfully a solution exists: Private emergency medical services.

Consider your upcoming conference, tradeshow, or annual national company bash.  If someone unfortunately needs emergency medical services in the middle of a lecture, a meal, a tour, or a cocktail party, the response must be swift. Not only do you have the person’s health to care for primarily, you have all of the other attendees to consider. A medical emergency can stop any gathering in its tracks, and you want to encourage your happening’s stability and continuity while ensuring anyone’s acute health urgencies are met with alacrity.

We at ISSM proudly distinguish ourselves from most private security service providers by including medical emergency services in our offerings.  Our teams include emergency medical personnel with EMT, CPR, and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) experience. Our emergency medical services can include individuals or entire teams onsite, trained to keep everyone at your event cared for should a medical emergency arise.

What’s more, many of our security personnel double as medical emergency staff. Depending on your staff needs, an individual or team of ISSM workers trained both in security and in medical emergency services could be just the right match for your company.

ISSM security teams and medical teams provide you peace of mind. Knowing your privately hired “red emblem” staff is on hand allows you to feel confident in preparing for the worst.  Thereby, hopefully, the only red emblem you’ll need is the glow on your face from a successful event.


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