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With the recent rise in crime across New York, businessowners find themselves lost for a plan of action on how to keep their business safe. Burglaries, vandalism, and robberies pose a significant threat to their overall profitability which can only be overcome with top-notch security guard services.

If you’re unconvinced, let’s take a look for some of the reasons why security guards are in your best interests.

1)    Security Guards Are Effective Deterrents

Physical security is far more likely to keep vandals at bay than just a CCTV camera at your gates. It’s a proven fact that vandals only get to work on property that seems unguarded and safe to approach.

2)    Guards Can Inform Law Enforcement Right Away

In the event that someone does break into your business, having someone around who can inform the police is a huge benefit of hiring a security guard. The earlier you report a crime, the quicker the police will get on the case and recover your belongings.

3)    Trained Guards are Highly Skilled

You don’t become a security guard by putting on a uniform and a badge; trained guards go through years of training before coming in for duty. Whether armed or unarmed, they are quite capable of containing all kinds of security threats.

If you’re looking for armed security guard services, or patrol guards for your offices in NYC—speak with ISSM today.

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