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Recent events have alerted the country to the dire need for top notch security at all times. When evaluating the security of one’s workplace, window bars are an interesting option in addition to a proper security system. There are a number of things to consider when deciding if window bars are right for your needs.

  1. Fire Safety – The National Fire Protection Association says that it is hard to measure the exact amount of injuries and deaths caused by people blockading themselves in their own spaces, but the numbers are on the rise. Make sure that any window bars you consider installing come with a quick release function and do NOT require a key or combination to unlock. In case of an emergency, you or your employees will not have time to search for a key and smoke or panic can preclude using a combination. It is of utmost importance that workplaces are safe.
  2. Entry Access – While the main function of window bars is to keep burglars out, they could potentially keep fire fighters or other emergency respondents out as well. One should consider this issue especially if the bars on the only entries into the area.
  3. Aesthetics – These days there are many options for window bar design that may enhance their appeal. One should consider if the bars negatively affect the perception of your business or location of your warehouse as they tend to indicate that a neighborhood is unsafe. Note that there are removable bars as well on the market.
  4. Alarmed Window Bars – You can install bars that will trigger a previously existing security system. These are a great option as they offer two levels of security.

Window bars are a good option if they offer a quick release, trigger an existing alarm system and do not disturb the appeal of your business. Like most unmonitored systems, they work best in conjunction with other options in place. At ISSM we strive to provide the most multifaceted top notch security to meet all of your needs.

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