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Are private security personnel necessary for all types of businesses, or are a security alarm and camera enough? This is a question many small businesses find themselves asking. Here are some guidelines to determine your own needs for live personal security guards versus just installing a security alarm and/or security camera system.

1. Ability to Disable Alarms & Cameras. Astute perpetrators know how to dis-alarm some security alarm and security camera systems. And unfortunately, at times, it’s an inside job from someone who knows your system from working for you. Might you need an outsourced private security guard to add personal-touch protection against criminals?

2. Camera-Recorded Versus Live Testimony. Recording all entries and exits can provide helpful proof for police reports and lawsuits.  You should ask yourself if video record is enough evidence, or is it better to have personal testimony (or both)?

3. The Human Competency Factor. No matter how good the technology, humans are behind the operation, whether they are onsite, or remotely monitoring alarm rings or suspicious activity on camera. The question is whether you prefer to have a live human on hand for an immediate response if necessary.

4. Level of Security Risk.  Your security risk level can determine your selections for security. If your risk is higher, you might prefer both digital and live security measures.  If you don’t feel like you have much to risk, then perhaps only an alarm/camera system will suffice. You just don’t want to retroactively regret underestimating your needs, so be sure to really know your risk level.

The decision about your business’s private security level is yours, and is no light matter. Feel free to contact ISSM to assist you in assessing your private security needs, be they live, digital, or a combination of both.

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