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Dummy security cameras which can be bought online for just a few dollars and free shipping may seem like a good alternative to a complete security system.

In truth, however, an experienced criminal can spot a fake camera and using one might have negative ramifications.  Here are few things to keep in mind:

  • Wiring – the dummy versions are usually oversimplified showing just one wire or none at all.  Real cameras generally have much more complex wiring which is noticeable to an installer or seasoned criminal.
  • LED lights – Many fake cameras try to appear more authentic by utilizing a flashing red light. This feature, unfortunately, is a dead giveaway as real security cameras do not have such lights.  Real cameras may have a power light or interment flashing lights but they do not have a consistently flashing red light. 
  • Simple Test – A would be criminal can easily test the camera with a simple prank like throwing a mud ball at the lens and watching out for a response.  The owner of an imposter camera will would have no idea if the lens was obscured and would therefore have no reaction.  A working camera would require cleaning. 
  • False sense of security – When businesses use dummy cameras, employees as subjected to a false sense of security.  For example a dark isolated parking lot may not be approached with appropriate caution.  
  • Monitoring assumptions – Employees, tenants or community members might falsely assume that daily activities are being monitored by an imposter camera.  In the event of an unexpected attack, there might be expectations of footage that in fact does not exist.

When security is taken seriously, everyone benefits. Employees, tenants and community members know that they can rely on safety and function with confidence.  Cameras are just one part of a full security system that ensures a protected environment.   The simulated camera offers nothing more than the most external aspects of that system.

The security camera is not an end in and of itself, it cannot prevent crime on its own.  Cameras can record intruders facilitating an arrest or conviction.  In best case scenarios proper a working camera can alert the onset of an attack in time for stronger measures to be taken.

While everyone loves saving money, cheap impostor cameras are not a good option.  At ISSM we offer many reliable security options to keep you and those around you safe.  Call ISSM for more information on the many services and security packages that we offer, so you can sleep at night.

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