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You go with your family just to have a great time. You want safety to be a non-issue, and specifically you want your kids to be safe from harm. You want to roam around, unconcerned about potential child kidnappings, pocket theft, and certainly terrorist acts.  It’s a candy land of opportunities for diversion, and you wish  you could let go of the potential daily dangers that happen everywhere. But specifically at these types of venues, you really want to just. enjoy.

Where are you? An amusement park.

Amusement parks tend to go to great lengths with private security, both uniformed and undercover. Here’s why:

  • Crowd control. Too many people entering, gathering, or exiting at once can lead to injuries, if not fatalities.
  • Legitimate ticket purchases. Here’s where both digital security and personal security both play a part. The computer wizzes might be able to print fake tickets. This is usually an inside job.
  • Child kidnapping detection and prevention. Amusement parks, unfortunately, are a pedophile’s prey dream and a parent’s nightmare. Private security personnel are specifically trained to be on the lookout for potential offenders.
  • Theft monitoring. People are so focused on the fun they often forget to be cautious with routine safety. In addition, it’s easy to pick-pocket in a crowd.
  • Terror threats. Part of terrorists’ goals is to disrupt happiness in the general population and to make people feel fearful of letting go and enjoying themselves. Therefore, the risk of terror is greater for mass gatherings when people would least expect it – when they’re having fun at an amusement park.
  • Employee Mishandling of Rides. On occasion, an employee goes haywire and operates the ride machinery dangerously. Private security can be called in immediately. All the more importantly, a private security firm can vet potential employees with background checks in order to minimize any employee mishaps.

Amusement park private security works to ensure the best, safest time is had by all. Call ISSM for more information on a full or complementary private security plan for amusement parks.


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