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When security companies are mentioned, it is not hard to guess what thoughts readily comes to mind. More likely the big names of course! Allied Barton, Andrews International, Securitas, and so on… The recent merger in the industry, such as the Allied Barton’s, for example, further contributes to the notion that the larger companies are more powerful, and consequently, more effective. But that may just be an overgeneralized, and perhaps, overstated view of the situation.

And there are lots of tangible facts to support this argument; trust being the chief of them… Small and mid-size security firms like ISSM have many advantages over their larger counterparts.

An irrefutable fact being that security and trust, like both sides of the same coin, are absolutely inseparable. This therefore means that with core issues such as trust, accountability, and community connectedness which is a primary customer-oriented attribute, in today’s market, larger businesses and mergers are consequently limited by their size, and often mired in cumbersome policy and protocol chain that may compromise speed and personalized service delivery, in some cases.

Of course, the peculiarity of the industry does require both the large and small security companies to compete, in some sense, by going the extra mile in their service delivery.

Worthy of note, however, is that many ISSM clients who have had some fair dealings with large companies, in the past, do speak of the immediate response and attention they get from ISSM when they make a suggestion or request.

This, they say, is not always so with the larger companies probably because an individual customer’s dissatisfaction, suggestion or demand often needs to be vetted through policies and chains of protocols that usually takes time, and may sometimes be ignored, as it may not have any significant negative effect on their overall reputation. Hence a lot of their customers don’t get the helpful and  personalized experience that smaller security companies like ISSM provide.

But these large companies aren’t necessarily being insensitive. They are out for the big deals that will help them stay in business and meet their organizational goals.

At ISSM, we understand that so much more is required to give our customer the quality of uncompromised and personalized experience that they deserve at an affordable price.

Indeed, we do a lot more than competing for customers based on price values, and general skill sets alone. We are detailed in every regard through:

–           Recruitment of specialized guard staff for very specific duties

–           Provision of the needed training and support for our staff

–           Improvement of our management’s effectiveness, strength, support, and welfare

The moral lesson, therefore, is that when you are on the lookout for a reputable, licensed and insured company that is equipped to fulfill your specific needs, you may want to start by finding one that specializes in the services you need. Another thing to consider is double-checking to make sure that you are enlisting a company, like ISSM that has the required professional integrity to uphold your priorities, and the ability to work within your resources and budget.

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