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The blueprints were in the making for months, the process to obtain the necessary permits was laden with red tape, and hiring subcontractors was a weighty process. Finally, you were able to start building. You didn’t begin without a hearty insurance policy though, which required you to have a private security guard onsite. In addition, those permits you needed? They included you signing a clause about fire protection onsite, as well as following fire codes for construction.  One way to save resources is to hire an all-in-one private security guard who includes fire safety in his or her expertise.

Here are top ways a private security guard can help protect your construction site from damage.

  1. Safety Accidents  – Fires.

    Refusing to follow construction code procedures, or simply having an accident, causes fires all the time.  By having personnel hired for oversight on the construction process, accidents will be minimize by ensuring fire safety standards are maintained.  In addition, should a fire (or even major smoke) break out during non-working hours, the private security guard can rush to call 911. This quick action saves lives of those on or nearby the site.

  2. Burglary.

    From low-budget tools to expensive, hi-tech equipment, if a site is unguarded, you are left vulnerable to anyone keen to steal at will. For this reason, insurance companies might require you to hire a private security guard in order to provide coverage, but even if your insurance provider does not issue this requirement, it still behooves anyone to safeguard their site from burglary. A private security guard, or team of guards, assists you in preventing theft on your construction premises.

  3. Vandalism.

    If even for no reason, individuals or groups can and do vandalize construction sites. The damage incurred can be a setback for your construction schedule, leading to losses not only on the damages but in lost time as well. In addition, if the public sees the vandalism, your reputation could be harmed – as if you do not have control over your own site.

When engaging in a large construction project, it is best to plan for a private security guard or team in order to establish a high level of protection against burglary, fires, and vandalism.  Knowing your site is secure and safely-protected provides peace of mind to you, your clients, and your employees.


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