Our goal is your safety & security!

We are the leader in providing flexible & customized solutions to the protective services industry.

Your Unique Security Solution

We don’t just offer security guards en mass. We take the time and patience to evaluate your unique security and safety needs. We then work with you to custom tailor the proper preventative measures as well as provide expertly trained, experienced and professional staff to implement your unique security solution.

Experienced & Professional

Our team of security experts, technology authorities, police force veterans and emergency medical personnel have the exclusive skill set to ensure you are safe, secure and protected.

Industries Served

Days a Week

Hours a Day

Days a Year



Rigorous Training

Our specially trained and experienced team of security personnel go through a rigorous training period to prepare them for everything.

Worry Free

Our goal is to take the burden and concern off your shoulders so you can focus on living your life and growing your business. We have perfectly tailored solutions to fit your exact scenario. Whether you are a large multi-national conglomerate or a mom and pop operation, you deserve your freedom.

We Keep you Safe!

Our goal at ISSM is to provide a full array of services to meet the full demand of our clients. From everyday requirements to periodic needs—we keep you safe, secured, protected and guarded. Have a look at our services, if there is something specific you require not listed, chances are we have the solution to fit your needs.
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