Six Traits of Top Security Guards

Responsible multi-tasking: Security guards must divide their attention in many ways in order to monitor alarms and cameras while also checking credentials and conducting security checks of visitors and employee


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    The Cincinnati Zoo made headlines recently when a young boy fell into the Gorilla World exhibit which housed 11 Lowland Silverback Gorillas. A 400 pound gorilla named Hambre dragged the boy through a mote filled with water. After the boy spent 10 minutes in the grasp of the large ape, the zoo’s security team shot […]

    8 Jun
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    As summer is finally arriving, many businesses will use a lighter schedule. Employees are given some much needed vacation time and often working hours are shortened. ISSM is available to provide top notch security at all times – including your business’s downtime. There are however, some things that you can do to ensure safety when […]

    1 Jun
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    Recently a group of minors between the ages of ten and fourteen set fire to a parked school bus in Brooklyn, NY. The children were caught on a video surveillance tape and the identification process has begun. At least one has already been arrested. The school bus was parked in front of a large elementary […]

    11 May
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    6 May

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