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    A security guard was on patrol at the Raghu Apartments in the 8600 block of  Pitner near Hollister when he saw fire and heard a family’s desperate cry for help shortly after 4 A.M.  He helped a woman, man and their little boy get to safety. “The security guard knocked on the door, kicked in the door, got […]

    23 Oct
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    You go with your family just to have a great time. You want safety to be a non-issue, and specifically you want your kids to be safe from harm. You want to roam around, unconcerned about potential child kidnappings, pocket theft, and certainly terrorist acts.  It’s a candy land of opportunities for diversion, and you […]

    1 Sep
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    Here is a quick 60 seconds video with some great personal safety tips when security guards or professional security and safety monitoring equipment is not available. [su_youtube_advanced url=”” showinfo=”no” rel=”no”]

    5 Aug
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    The debate about whether gun control is too controlling, or even unconstitutional, flares up especially after lone gunners kill en masse.  In June, 2015, when 21-year-old Dylann Roof open fired with a gun and murdered  11 people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, gun control again came into question. Much media coverage focused on […]

    29 Jul
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    Americans are split on the Iran deal regarding developing nuclear weapons, signed by Iran, the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council—the United States, China, France, Russia, United Kingdom plus Germany), and the European Union, on July 14, 2015. Some Americans see the agreement as a force of diplomatic and pragmatic peace; others take it as […]

    23 Jul

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